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Interrupting my career as an architect to return as a full-time graduate student in painting, I obtained my MFA in 2014.  My thesis work and post-MFA studio practice developed directly from experiences in architecture and construction, exploring compositions and textures found in the process of building.

I am primarily a painter and mixed media collage artist teetering unpredictably between abstraction and realism, and every once in a while I scratch my photorealism itch with art based on my interests in aviation and motorsports. There are no rules in my studio regarding technique or methodology; my former professors would probably be appalled.

After a long career in architecture and construction, I've been maintaining an active full-time painting studio in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains in central New Mexico.

"Enjoy every sandwich."       

                    -Warren Zevon



2014    Master of Fine Arts (Painting), Miami University

2012    Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Advanced Studio Art, Miami University

1979    Master of Architecture, Miami University

1979    American Institute of Architects (AIA) Award – Certificate of Merit

1978    Miami University Luxembourg Program

1977    Bachelor of Environmental Design, Miami University


2017 - 2018      Drawing Instructor, Miami University CraftSummer Program

2014 - 2019      Adjunct Drawing Instructor, Miami University

2012 - 2014      Graduate Teaching Assistant, Miami University, School of Creative Arts, Department of Art; Drawing I                                (introductory level) and Beginning Drawing (non-major) instructor, gallery assistant, and Advanced                                    Painting assistant

1990 - 2019      Member, American Institute of Architects

1982 - 2021      Registered Architect in State of Ohio

1981 - 2019      Architect and Principal, engineering/architecture consulting firm, Cincinnati, Ohio



2023   Monothon Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2022   10th International Painting Annual, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio (summer 2022 publishing date)

2021   Faculty & Alumni Exhibition, Miami University Art Museum

2019   Lexicon, Downtown Hilton Hotel (solo show), Columbus, Ohio

2017   Faculty & Alumni Exhibition, Miami University Art Museum

2017   Hamilton Current, biennial exhibition, Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, Ohio

2015   Greater Hamilton Art Exhibition, Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, Ohio

2014   Within the Limits of Construction, MFA Thesis Exhibition (solo show), Miami University

2014   Nominee for Dedalus Foundation MFA Fellowship and Residency in Painting & Sculpture, New York, NY

2014   Wet Paint 2014 MFA Exhibition, Zhou B. Gallery (group show), Chicago, Illinois

2013   Slow Read, MFA Exhibition, Venue 222 Gallery (group show), Cincinnati, Ohio

2012   Insight:  Recent work by Department of Art MFA students, North Gallery, Hiestand Hall (group show), Miami                    University; August - October 2012

2012   Provisional Architecture, Oxford Community Arts Center (solo show)

2012   Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati “Architecture as Art” Drawing Competition.

           Selected for “Best Professional” award

2011   Architectural Foundation of Cincinnati “Architecture as Art” Drawing Competition.

2006   American Council of Engineering Consultants, Ohio Honor Award for building design

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